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for the Keep helper app But bro, let me see some stuff before I connect my wallet! Keep going, this is really promising

I made one contribution that can be broken down into 3 parts (3 dApps). Two are based on Matt’s wishes from the first half of the month, and one is from James.

1.    A web app for users to request new entries from the random beacon and few previously generated entries.

2.    A web app for users to take part in tBTC liqudations:

  • Users can view a feed of potentially liquidatable deposits, and, if enough time has elapsed since its latest event, can notify the contract with a click of a button to allow to be liquidated 
  • Users can view currently liquidateable deposits, liquidate them, and withdraw their bought ETH
  • Users can view previously liquidated deposits 

3.    A tBTC explorer which allows users to track transactions, mints, and deposits, which tracks both the BTC and Ethereum state of the deposit and gives details about each step e.g. current confirmations, which BTC address they need to send to, which step they are on etc. Users are also able to retrieve lost TDTs by entering their account address and getting a list of all previous TDTs and their associated details.

The source code for the app is here: Note that it doesn’t use the existing tBTC Graphs because it’s important to not have a single point of failure for all the keep tools that are being developed for Keep users. If the Graph node goes down or if it’s found to have incorrect/stale data, KeepHelper can still be relied upon because it queries the blockchain directly. Links:

The site was written/structured to be extensible and so it’s very easy to add additional applications. The next steps will be to continue to address user feature requests for the existing apps.  

ECDSA and Random Beacon operator address: 0x3A8A0E05C31576075dE7403CA47F8F7F0373A5B5
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