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James had a huge soft spot for beacon applications (
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Hey, guys! I’m Merkletree, a crypto fanatic.

Here is my submission PFK for October:

1.I modified the lottery dapp Pooltogether using keep.random as a random source.
Pooltogether is a protocol for no-loss money games powered by Ethereum. Here is my code:

2.I have been running my Beacon and ECDSA nodes


1.  I built a keep.random based on keep random beacon. Everyone can use my tool to get true randomness from random beacon in a trustless way. To make it easier to use, I made my tool into an npm package, which has been downloaded over 200 times since it was released!

The meaning of this service is that the user cannot call the random value directly via the random beacon, and the random value of the random beacon can only be returned to another smart contract, rather than directly to the user. 

You can check out more details here:2.I have been running my Beacon and ECDSA nodes with address 0x774c31762c54c1922249eaef8c97e722ad79e6c5

In the next step, I am thinking of using KEEP as a way of paying for random numbers, not just ETH. In the meantime, I'll be building more apps based on keep.random.
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