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Hello everyone! My name is Alexey. I am a NodeJS developer and have been passionate about blockchain for several years. Unfortunately, I was very busy and noticed the KEEP project too late.

Explorer for deposits in progress (tracking Bitcoin, Ethereum state and proofs)  mainnet Made without integration with metamask, so as simply not needed here But I will wait for any feedback to improve this potential platform

Explorer  :
GitHub backend:
GitHub WEB:

You can also use open HTTP API for your's projects

For searching about known deposit address (will return only current status and transaction hash) [GET]

For searching only by transaction hash (will return actual full known info) [GET]

For a list of prepared deposits information [GET]

optional query argument "qty" will limit last deposits [GET]

Get all known by backend info about the token (very similar now) [GET] @Matt Luongo@Kris I would be very glad to receive feedback)
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