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For, a curated collection of community resources for stakers and token holders. Thank you so much for organizing our messy doc experience.
Introduce yourself
Hello! You can call us badabam


We are one of the winners of September pfk with :)

We are running a node in mainnet

October submission:

1/ Spending time to set-up our node in mainnet
2/ Answering community questions and directing people to the right section of
3/ maintaining by adding 17 new references including:

- a new "Yield farming" section to farm with tBTC
- the analysis on interval 1 rewards, issues encountered and solutions
- adding links in different sections and more Q/A in the F.A.Q .


Some time ago, we started investigating and reading about KEEP and tBTC. After throwing back and forth a bunch of links and interesting articles, it came to us:
"Why is there no centralized place where all these links live?"

Since we're product managers with an obsession for documenting, we thought that it would be helpful to have a central place for all this (somewhat) organized information. We have now read, compiled and organised 125+ links!
Hopefully, this will become the place-to-go for anyone who wants to learn about KEEP and tBTC:

We are running a node in testnet and we would love to bring it into mainnet with the help from pfq.
Contribution: KEEP Tools
Contribution: KEEP Guides
Contribution: Community Resources