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for the fantastic node monitoring!
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Hello, friends. I’m Timmy, a DevOps from Asia.


During this month, I worked on improving the availability of the nodes so that they can provide service at all times.
Therefore, I have the nodes running on two VPS's using the same address, and the two machines are backing each other up so that any one of them going offline will not affect the normal operation of the service.

At the same time, I have updated the node monitoring document:

And I use it to monitor the number of peers and container status of my nodes.
I run my random beacon&ECDSA nodes.


In September, I run my random beacon & ECDA nodes.

As a DevOps, I built a monitoring tool for keep node operators. See here: It can monitor whether the container is down and the number of peers in the container log.
And send alert to Slack.
I've written a detailed instruction manual to tell you how to use this tool.
I hope this tool is helpful!
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