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Hello everyone, my name is Alexander. I have been interested in the crypto industry for over three years. The Keep project interested me back in May, but I studied it in more detail only now. For the development of the community, I will write articles about KEEP in English / Russian.

My previous works:


My contributions for October PFK:

1. My nodes started in August keep running.

2. I wrote an article on how to start earning money by providing liquidity in pools with TBTC:
Russian version:

I also posted an article on the popular altcoinstalks forum. 
It has been read over 1220 times:

3. I made several translations into Russian: Arjun Balaji to Judge Playing for Keeps Round for 2 Million KEEP – Russian

Technical Status Report: 1 month of tBTC rc.1 - Russian

4. I conducted another online meetup with the Russian community (11 participants), for which I prepared an updated presentation. 
This time, I also told and showed the staking process step by step.
Meetup record:
Presentation RUS:
Presentation ENG:

5. I voted to add TBTC in different pools:

Sushi week 42
Sushi week 44
Aave -
Aave -

6. This month I became a community volunteer and tried to help the community every day,
I also pointed out the bot attack in the introduce yourself thread several times
(for example, and informed the moderators about spam.


1. Last month i ran beacon and ecdsa nodes. I have installed updates for them this month.  Nodes address: 0x5F78b8363fec154970748D1D61319fBE89F59727

2. I created several posters:
3. I organized an online meetup in Russian (thanks @Kris for supporting my idea). I prepared a presentation in Russian about KEEP Network especially for the meetup. For the convenience of the judges, I translated it into English and uploaded the recording of the meetup to the cloud. meetup record presentation EN presentation RUS

4. I started actively helping newcomers in Discord : I answer their questions and send them a test ETH (due to the message limit of 2000 characters, I can't give all the links)

5. I have registered and supported the TBTC pool in the Curve vote:

6. I wrote an article on comparison of Keep Network and Phala Network stakedrop programs:

7. I created an educational quiz about KEEP Network:


My contributions for mini PFK August:

1. I launched a node on the Keep testnet (beacon and ecdsa) with the address: 0x5F78b8363fec154970748D1D61319fBE89F59727

2. My article about DeFi and how TBTC can impact it: 

3. Since many who install nodes have problems, I decided to summarize the most common questions and errors and made a FAQ in Russian:

4. Created the Keep community of the social network VKontakte, join!

5. Made a GIF:

6. I created a poster:

7. Created a challenge: I am happy to participate in the development of the KEEP community!
Contribution: KEEP Tools
Contribution: KEEP Guides
Contribution: Community Resources