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for! Would've gotten a bigger prize, but damn why are you touching my localhost? That's private
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Hello all, I'm ninja5! 

 For Octobers PFK, I did a few things:

I productionized, a website that allows you to purchase smart contract insurance for tbtc.
It uses the smart contracts, and essentially gives you a way to purchase insurance from Nexus Mutual in the form of a transferable ERC721 token without the need to complete any kyc.
Source code:
Productionizing included:
* Removing the need to run with a local docker container
* Obtaining an api key from Nexus Mutual
* Adding ability to submit a claim
* Adding instructions, and cleaning up ui

I ran a beacon and ecdsa node on testnet.


Hello all, I'm ninja5! For September's PFK, I did a few things:

1. I built, a website for purchasing insurance for tbtc from Nexus Mutual without KYC in the form of an ERC721 token (via In the future, this will also host a marketplace for buying and reselling this insurance. Source code:
NOTE: This is still a work in progress, and very much in an "alpha" state. It requires you to run a local proxy (docker run -p 9000:9000 tdickman/tbtc-insure-proxy)  
since I don't yet have an api key from Nexus Mutual, something I'm actively working on. Feel free to message me if you're interested in trying it out, or check out the full usage instructions in the README:
You can see my purchase here:,
and I've recorded a video of the purchase process that is accessible here:

- Remove need for local proxy
- Add ui for claims
- Add marketplace

2. I also built, a website for viewing random beacon groups, viewing entries generated by groups, and generating new random beacon entries. Source code:

3. I ran a beacon and ecdsa node on testnet, operator address 0x49b73ef45A462bcAf968b3ba34918080584c4191.

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