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Hello keep comunity, my name is Dmitry from Ukraine. 
I've been following the project since the days when the community was in slack.


1. Run ECDSA and beacon Node.
2. Translations  

b) c)
1) launched 2 Random Beacon and ECDSA nodes on the VPS
a) 0x825378a3dA3c8040c0FEE123d6983e12D163dc80
c) 0x0347b2c2929c49567FfA0857a714f98fFe4Dcf2E

2) also made translations for the community via links which are available on the links
a) original
 to ua
b) original
to ua
c) original
to ua

3)have idea devop telegram bot, which monitors the number of working all nodes, and uptime status will be ready in October


1) now running ECDSA and Beacon nodes in two vps with 0x825378a3dA3c8040c0FEE123d6983e12D163dc80

2) Made translation to Ukranian Language: a) Конфеденійність у блокчейні
b) Знайомство з командою Keep: Петро
c) Знайомство з командою Keep: Антоніо
3)Bonus girl made different decorations for the Keep project, if the project has glamorous female fans there are 3D models of keychains and cufflinks and buttons, ready for 3D printing, which are further for glamorous merch

Contribution: KEEP Tools
Contribution: KEEP Guides
Contribution: Community Resources