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Hello everyone, I am Kunkomu and I am from Dallas Tx and my buddy is from Germany @paddyson
I have only been in the Discord and in Keep for a little over a week or so but I am currently running on 0xe71AEBB217c71DE8b71eD4B2B59E64cB31a99Eb3 <<< as my primary
0xfEB0AE94BA729C2eFe37110A4d29877c015fbAF2 <<< as the raspberry pi
Together we had started a small project that really just started with “if we could run not an Ecsda node and a keep-core node on one Raspberry PI4.   << This can be done by the way I have had one Raspberry PI that has been connected and running for the last 4 days.
But we wanted to take it a bit further. So we started to add an TFT screen to the PI4. << This can also be done.
But if we are going to have a screen then we need to be able to load the Keep dash board, along with the Meta Wallet, the tBTC dapp, and we most definitely need to be able to see the node metrics to ensure that our nodes are in working order.
Then what are some of the real-world needs that we could benefit from by doing such a thing. (this one is still up in the air lol) but we thought of things like. We could interface with the WiFi chip in the RP4 and create a mesh network so that all the RPI4s in an area could connect for redundancy. Well this could be a thing but what if. Person 1 has a Keep node and he is 30 feet away from person 2. If person one has just created a contract that needs to have proofed, then could that contract ping the others in the mesh like person 2. Then person 2 could accept to perform the proof and his node that’s already connected does the proof and sends right back to person 1, cutting network time on transactions down a whole lot ( this is in theory, still need to get well known with the Keep network to create this.
So if we were going to do all the above then we need to call it something and make it look professional, so I started 3d printing a few raspberry pi cases, and we will have them customized in the Keep Logo. Also will have external battery packs so that the Nodes can be charged and mobile. So what are we going to call it, Well with Keep taking on the castle aspect and this node is not only tied to the castle, the node can move about and attack in different areas, instead of being locked to one centralized location. So we may call it “The Keep Archer” As of right now what we have completed, Both nodes running and confirmed on one Pi An initial model of the Keep RPI4 case Haven’t been able to get to the Docs yet to post here however here are the pics that we have taken to prove the position we are in, but I know this project is not done or close to being done but I was advised to do this write up just in case and to just inform the Team what we are looking into.
You can see the current pics here

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