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Hi All. I am Giridhar, Java developer with interest in crypto and BlockChain technology.
I have been into crypto since 2018. Thanks to @Naga for introducing me to this great project and community.

My October PFK Submission:

I am participating in PFK since September.
Running both RB and ECDSA nodes and maintaining the nodes with all updates / releases on time.
Monitoring Setup Using Grafana, Prometheus and Loki.
Thanks @Naga for assisting in monitoring node setup.


My PFK activities for September

  • This is the first month of my PFK activities. 
    I have setup Random Beacon (keep-client:v1.3.0-rc.4) and ECDSA (keep-ecdsa-client:v1.2.0-rc.5) Nodes. 
    My Operator Address is 0xBaaeDd70A0C86A4C387b4C4125360B83867C9438 
    RB : 2020-10-01T10:24:24.020Z        INFO    keep-net-libp2p number of connected peers: [587] 
    ECDSA : 2020-10-01T10:24:25.340Z        INFO    keep-net-libp2p number of connected peers: [611] 
  • Infura calls - co
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