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Hi everyone!
I'm Katy, a designer and illustrator excited to get more involved with the Keep community and contribute some visuals to PFK, also interested in participating in any usability studies going on!


I have been running a Random Beacon Node on Testnet.

It's been an awesome month in Keep Design community, I'm loving the segmented design channels and how much collaboration is happening.

Below are my entries for October PFK Design issue Github template

1.I created a template for design issues and implemented feedback from @Dat@le-designer used the template to submit several issues already!

Original Template
Links to use updates

2. I got the '' domain last month and launched v1 of the Design Centre of Excellence. This month I updated the resources and created a new page with linked community contributions from past months PFK submissions!

Design System Contributions 

​ 3. I contributed 4 new slide designs to the Keep design system that @Dat requested based on last months contributions


Learning about Keep has been super challenging and interesting. The #🎨design-creative channel has been a fun place to hang out and riff - huge thanks to @L i z for all the feedback and encouragement there. I'm very excited to share my contributions for September PFK!
My September PFK Contributions
PFK Blog Graphic 
1. I created a banner graphic to congratulate the PFK August winners. Later, Keep community member @jack used it as the cover for his Medium post. Center of Excellence
2. I got the '' domain and launched v1 of the tBTC Center for Excellence. The first version includes links to relevant resources for the tBTC community around research, design and usability. There is a submission form to encourage contribution and a link to the discord channel.

Design System Contributions
3. I contributed 3 new slide designs, 2 Figma file cover templates and some banner graphic concepts to the Keep design system that @Dat@nairod and @Sarah created for the community! 
Contribution: KEEP Tools
Contribution: KEEP Guides
Contribution: Community Resources