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Hello! My name is Felipe and I'm from Toledo.
I’m an animator in a small studio. Crypto is my hobby. I've been following the Keep project since April but somehow I was thinking that PFK events are only for Bitcoin or Ethereum developers. And that was so wrong!

For this month PFK I prepared 24 vector icons based on original KEEP icons!

That’s two times more than the last time! In total I made 36 static icons for KEEP. 

All the source files are here: 

4 new animated graphics.
And these are my old Lottie animations: Source - 

I still mantain ECDSA and BEACON nodes


1. I hope my animation skills will be helpful here too. I immediately noticed that you prefer to work with Lottie. Smart choice!
I came up with some logo/loading animations for KEEP in Lottie format.
2. I also do some illustration work. I prepared a crypto related icon pack for KEEP.
3. I put up ECDSA and BEACON nodes here: 0x909Acc581C80D1CBEf43a248776380f41FdE4263

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