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Hi, everyone!  I am Sergey, from Russia. I started to be fond of cryptocurrency in the summer of 2017. I actively studied and plunged into projects, invested in ICO, tried to engage in trading. In 2018, even was in the slack keep network).

At the same time, he worked for an Internet agency, an expert in contextual and targeted advertising, as well as SMM + was engaged in the promotion of projects and groups in social networks, mainly RU segment.

Also he was a little fond of design of sites, mobile applications and design of groups in social networks. My plans are to create communities, groups and increase the recognition of KEEP in not very popular social networks RU segment. Where people often don't know much about cryptocurrency. We will expand their horizons).

I also think we will make a couple of design options for the site, articles + social networks. I want to make a universal .PSD template for different types of social networks, which people can use as a constructor (change color filters, gradients, icons, blocks and so on...) with minimal knowledge of Photoshop.

Perhaps I will think more about the tasks, their variety, and can do something else useful. I hope to have an interesting time and benefit the KEEP NETWORK project. GL HF)

I want to thank @Ducca#5707 very much for the excellent node launch guide.
And thank you @Danil Ushakov#5735 for the public free unlimited Ethereum node with public monitoring.

The result of my work at PFK in September: 

  1. Created and started developing the RU segment  in social networks. Two communities were created: 350+ people joined  our communities, about 30% of people who were little familiar with cryptocurrencies, we set such a task, to introduce and involve new people, I think 30% is a worthy figure to start with. We will develop further and I think we will reach 50%.
  2. To introduce new people to KEEP, I adapted and created step-by-step and structured articles that answer the question from "What is KEEP?" to "How to raise the KEEP node?" The articles were written in Russian   and English  , There were 24 articles in total:  Here is a list and links to all articles in all languages, in a structured order
  3. For every community, news and article, I have made simple illustrations  , images, logos and icons. I chose the theme of space and the future.  Here are all the images, illustrations that I used for communities and articles.
  4. I posted all the articles on the RU site "Yandex Zen" - a recommendatory content feed and a platform for bloggers. Articles are shown to people by interests, you can choose interests for each article, so it's easy to target the right people.
    24 articles were posted  , my channel, on average at the moment on each article 60+ views, in total over 1100+ views. The conversion from viewing an article to joining a group is exactly = 6%, this is not a lot, but we will improve the result! 
I hope I did something useful for the development of the KEEP community! gl hf

Here are all the images, illustrations that I used for communities and articles.
Step-by-step and structured articles to understand the Keep Network project.
My channel:

EN Article:
1. Keep Network, what is it? Article № 1:
2. What is a Random Beacon? Article № 2:
3. Awards and Slashing. Article № 3:
4. Slashing and elimination. Article № 4:
5. Slashing vectors in tBTC. Article № 5:
6. The economy of staking. Article № 6:
7. How to delegate a steak. Article № 7:
8. How to authorize contracts. Article № 8:
9. How to add ETH for collateral. Article № 9:
10. How to get rewards. Article № 10:
11. Running a node on a VPS. Beacon and ECDSA:

RU Article: 1. Keep Network, что это? Статья №1:
2. Что такое Random Beacon? Статья №2:
3. Награды и Cлэшинг. Статья №3:
4. Слешинг и ликвидация. Статья №4:
5. Векторы слешинга в tBTC. Статья №5:
6. Экономика стейкинга. Статья №6:
7. Как делегировать стейк. Статья № 7:
8. Как авторизовать контракты. Статья № 8:
9. Как добавить ETH для обеспечения. Статья № 9:
10. Как получать награды. Статья № 10:
11. Запуск ноды на VPS. Beacon и ECDSA:
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