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Hi All! I am Christian, graphics designer, and I specialize in branding, infographics, and related materials. I like Keep because the community is very lively and works hard.

My contributions for this last PFK are the following... Thank you and Happy New Year Keep family!

I create awesome stuff!
Run Node.

My contributions for October PFK are the following (and hopefully you'll like them)

1. Infovideo about tBTC
2. 1000+ tBTC Supply trophy
3. Office frame (Keep)
4. Journal notebook Keep and tBTC
5. ledger nano x custom - Keep
6. Business card - tBTC
7. Pillows designs - Keep and tBTC
8. Keep Tshirt + capswag

Here's the whole collection:


My contributions for September PFK are:

1) Keep Infographic. It's a nutshell version of the website. Design is at
and figma file
2) tBTC Infographic. Same as in #1 but for tBTC website. Design is at
and figma file
3) I have seen a lot of random design stuff here but I haven't seen this one yet so I made a few outdoor ads (what ifs) 5 designs on these links:
or the compilation at
I hope you like them. Cheers!
Contribution: KEEP Tools
Contribution: KEEP Guides
Contribution: Community Resources