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Hi, This is Zaza from Moldova.  
I’m an artist. I just like discovering something new. This is how I got in crypto and this is how I got in this Discord. Don't just sit and wait, look for opportunities and grab them! I’m so happy that I found not just KEEP project but THE COMMUNITY of creative and open minded people! This is priceless.  I would like to participate in PFK events and provide value for the team.
I’m good at illustrations, so this is my work for KEEP.
1) Powered by KEEP vector badges. I made 40 variations. I saw some previous entries on this. But I don’t think they were that great. DM for vector source files.
4) Using the tutorials I started my 2 nodes! 0xf095FC453a653A898C1f2d7e72844702324D9d4e
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