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Hello there. 
I've been in crypto since late 2017, little by little i discovered the world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, firstly i've started doing airdrops, different social media bounties and translations from eng to rus.
I learned about Keep Network about 2 months ago, but found the time and decided to participate in Play for Keeps  in the middle of July.
Despite the fact that i joined you a bit late, i'll try to make a significant contribution to your project.

Hi everyone.
All good things must come to and end. So here is my contribution for the last Mega-PF  (Nov-Dec)

1. Ropsten testnet RB & ECDSA nodes have been operating ininterruptedly for more than 4 months.

2. Spotted group of PFK multi-account abusers:

3. English -> Russian Translations:
a) "Exchange adds tBTC minting capabilities, lowering barrier to entry" (Cointelegraph) -Translation:
-Original post:

b) "Introducing tBTC Minting on CoinList: A Trustless Approach to Bitcoin Bridges" (CoinList) -Translation:
-Original post:

Previous translations during PFK:

a) "How to mint trustless BTC on Ethereum" (Bankless) -Translations:
Source 1:
Source 2: -Original:

b) "Keep Network Finds DeFi Holy Grail Launching Bitcoin on Ethereum, Research" (Simetri) -Translation:

c) "What’s Needed Now in Interoperability Infrastructure" (Keep's Medium)

d) "Keep Network Review: KEEP, tBTC, and the Private Data Layer" (DeFiPicks)
Source 1:
Source 2:

e) "Forget Ethereum, DeFi Is Being Built on Bitcoin" (Coindesk)
Source 1:
-Original post:

f) "How to Stake ETH on tBTC" (tBTC Network)
Source 1:
Source 2: -Original:

4. Participated in all Keep community DCL events (November+December) organized/hosted by @dice@butter and eep Team. Three more events are coming in January, thanks guys!

5. Memes:

My contribution for October PFK:

1. Both nodes (Random Beacon & ECDSA) have been running without any problems for several months now.

2.Translations into Russian:3. I took part in 3 community decentraland events organized by @dice and managed to win 2 out of 3 special NFT prizes.
At these events there were a lot of tasks, puzzles and riddles. It was very interesting and fun, big thanks to dice and all of those who helped him organize it, as well as those who took part in the events themselves.
Here you can find some screenshots from the

4.Meme(s):5. Previous  submissions:

Mini Aug: Sept:

Hi everyone, here is my contribution for September PFK

1. Running 2 Nodes - Random Beacon & ECDSA.

2. I've had an idea in my head for a long time, that would help you increase the popularity and user base of tBTC, I think its time to share it with you. Every time someone mints tBTC through tBTC dApp, this person additionally gets a unique, random NFT token. The number of existing NFT tokens is limited and, for example, can be tied to the max. supply of Bitcoin (or, lets say 21M / 1000 = 21K, its up to you)

At the moment I have come up with 2 scenarios for getting NFT token(s) (perhaps you can come up with even more interesting idea for distributing NFTs or something else in the future).

-First Scenario: After successful mint of tBTC, the user (depositor) gets and additional unique random NFT token, generated from the pool tied to the group of lots. For example, lots in the range of 0.01-0.2 tBTC will be able to get a token with the quality of "common to rare". the range of lots 0.5-1 tBTC - with the quality "common to very rare" (or rare to very rare, removing the value "common", a range of lots 5-10 tBTC will be able to get a token with a super rare quality. In the future, if you decide to increase the lot size of tBTC, you may want to add some super legendary or mythical values for NFTs.
-Second Scenario: After successful mint of tBTC, the user gets a random NFT regardless of the tBTC lot value (in my opinion, this is a less attractive system for encouraging and increasing the user base). All of these tokens will be collectible digital tokens similar to physical baseball cards, postage stamps, etc. They can also be exchanged or sold on a platform such as opensea and other similar to it. You will also need a lot of interesting and eye-catching art to fill the released tokens, I think our great community will help with this!

3. Translations into Russian:
a) (Big Research & Comparison with competitors)

4. During the Final part of Ropsten tBTC Challenge (3rd-4th of September) i've managed to Mint<->Redeem some tBTC's and report a couple of errors. Ropsten address: 0x81DD61b00484ef2D0ba10F839BB3137eF577fE8D

5. Periodically and to the best of my knowledge and abilities, i help newcomers to understand how to participate in PFK and how to setup and run nodes

6. Meme(s):


My contribution for this mini  PFK (Aug 15-31):

1. Running 2 Nodes - Random Beacon & ECDSA: 0x66368d4de74DCC876d4CA53401063F977e4ED2D1

2. Translations into Russian:

3. Meme(s):

4. Design:


So far i've translated 2 articles (first about groups supporting tBTC at launch and another one is a guide of how to sign and verify a message using MyCrypto), often create and post memes which can be found in #😂meme-builder section. I've also been able to succesfully mint and redeem tBTC (few 1x tBTCs, many 0.5s, few 0.2s and 0.01s) during Ropsten tBTC challenge, even though it took me a lot of attempts and there were a lot of different bugs and errors, which i'll definitely report via Incentivizes Testnet google form. Thanks for reading this, that's all for now, have a nice day! 

1. Translations for Russian community:

2. Guide translations:

3. Ropsten tBTC challenge wallet address used for minting/redeeming tBTC's: 0x81dd61b00484ef2d0ba10f839bb3137ef577fe8d

4. Meme(s):

Contribution: KEEP Tools
Contribution: KEEP Guides
Contribution: Community Resources