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Hello all, I am Mir. September is my first month of participation to Keep Project. 
gl hf!

Here is my October contribution.

1. I keep testnet nodes for the second month.

2. Draw, sounded and made:        
small logo animation lightning version 1 lightning version 2 3. I am a fan of "Rick and Morty" and I really like to participate in PFK. So I tried to mix "Rick and Morty" and Keep Network.          -4. Experimental logo        5. Mem - Veterans of PFK  
My contribution to the PFK in September:
  • ECDSA and Random Beacon nodes with the following operator address 0x9a14795A6f9a33A3EfFC54b5CA5885dB730b4Cfb 
  • Fly on and begin to fight fiercely for the KEEP NETWORK! I fought with dignity. I killed without pity. I fought with honor. I protected my comrades with courage. Captured enemy territories under the flag of KEEP! Defended the KEEP honor in a chat against trolls! Sent schoolchildren to the tavern to do their homework! I conquered and broke hearts! Was an example to rise to. And all this I did under the proud banner of the KEEP NETWROK!
  • Game moments
  • Since I live in the north, hold a KEEP mammoth!
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