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Hello, my name is Helen. I’m a freelance artist/designer. A bitcoin holder since 2017. Happy to see some extensive updates from Keep which I’ve been following for quite some time. Love this Discord so far. TBH, this is my first server! And running a node? Really? If you asked me 1 month ago, I'd probably say I have no idea about nodes! Ha-ha!

This time I have some creative angle again. I hope the design team will appreciate it.  
@L i z  I was thinking about something real. Something that the team can start using today. Not an abstract picture in a frame or 10th UI design of a mobile dashboard. Contributions to existing work! - This is it!!!

Note: all of these are free for the company to use. I made sure these are coming from unsplash, pexels etc. No license needed! I do understand corporate realities.  

1. 41 Photography & Overlays images
Download:  116Mb

Patterns & Textures

2. 32 Photos
Download:  225Mb

3. 14 Vectors (handcrafted by me)
Download source files (ai,eps):

4. My take on the Keep server.
Signature edition

5. Nodes


This time I really jumped over my head and made a whole GAME! I greatly underestimated the amount of work! It was massive but totally worth it! Just fyi what I did to get this game done:

- puzzle engine work and scripting
- music, I purchased an exclusive track from Scienart (responsible for Homescapes and Gardenscapes music)
- designing 3 characters
- sprite animations for 3 characters
- various other artwork: logo, buttons, backgrounds, chests, etc.
- levels tweaking and balancing (made them very simple so even my 5yo can play)
- rented a server and bought a domain name
- lots and lots of testing and TLC  

Liz got some KEEPs 

My nodes are still running here  0x6B3821bedC13044c42779b2096073066604E68bD


1.  But here you go 0x6B3821bedC13044c42779b2096073066604E68bD my lovely ECDSA and Random Beacon nodes!!!!   That’s 1.

2. I’m so proud that Matt retweeted my Unicorn Comics!!! TBH, I’m greatly inspired by him and his vision. I’m also a true believer in BTC! I believe I watched all his YT videos and realized that KEEP’s YouTube channel requires tlc.  

3. 12 Thumbnail ideas and 3 Headers for YouTube

4. 2 Creative posters (Modern Art). I figured the team likes this kind of style when I saw this*qXw9J4XNwuqsRMMo.jpeg 
So these are my takes 

5. Misc designs
6. My favourite quotes by Matt! 

PS  If Matt does want a new profile pic I got him covered )
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Contribution: Community Resources