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Hi, I’m Marshall and I reside in Lyon. I love exploring new technologies in crypto. I was participating in ICOs in 2017-2018.

This year is a DEFI year. I discovered KEEP when I read about wrapped BTC solutions. It sounded very promising to me. One of them was tBTC and this is how I got here.
Congrats! You guys have something massive going on in this Discord!!! I would love to participate in any activities you arrange like Quests, Play for KEEPs or any others! Count me in.
I'm a Web Designer. And I’m submitting the following works:
  1. James Prestwich best quotes.
  2. KEEP Mobile App (All-in-one). Where you can check everything starting from KEEP price and recent TBTC metrics. Some other screens are coming soon.
  3. 3 Promo B/W graphics:
  4. Running 2 nodes: 0xa8389E6C4EBf71fe0d3fC7e8db7FfcD7039C5b62
Thank you for considering my submission! 
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