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I'm an crypto enthusiast from the Russia and i'm following the Keep since end of 2018. I am happy that there is an opportunity to participate in this great  project.

I’m glad to introduce a completely new tool with which you can: ü  Flexibly and quickly create a configuration for set up your nodes using the placeholder template built on the site ü  Use command instructions to provide the most requested and necessary Docker commands for work. ü  Find useful links to all resources related to KEEP projects ü  Find exchangers with which you sell / buy KEEP and tBTC tokens. Link:

I would also like to call your attention that a modern design has been developed specially for this project, which will not leave you indifferent. The design is distinguished by its conciseness and functionality. In particular, for its development, Newton's wheel was used to select harmonious, complementary colors. The tool is also adapted for mobile devices through the use of Flex and Grid technologies built into browsers, which free you from installing additional libraries and frameworks, which also reduces the user load when working with this tool. Thus, we get an increase in the speed of its work.

As well as my Keep Random Beacon and ECDSA nodes works 24x7 and is updated in time to the latest versions.

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