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I created some github issue templates for the tbtc-dapp project, created a pull request and it successfully got approved and merged:
The aim was to help the KEEP team and developers receive better documented bug reports, and consequently help to resolve issues quicker. It will hopefully also be useful to users who aren’t familiar with submitting issues or bug reports and I hope it provided some benefit to the ropsten tbtc challenge in particular.

I also submitted some issues and bug reports on github, I'm not sure if that comes under the tbtc challenge or not (in addition to swapping ropsten tBTC for KEEP), so I'll mention it here for PFK... I opened the following issues (my github username is VinnyR): #232, #233, #242, #244, #267, #294.

On the occasions where the issue I had were already open on github and I didn't want to create a duplicate, I commented on those existing issues to provide as much additional info as possible on issues #229, #252, #282

I will continue to open submit or comment on issues as I discover/become aware of them.

I'm also still running my node

I've had my random beacon node running.
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