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Hello everyone. I'm from Poland.

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1.    Created an article about the elimination and slashing of details.
This article contains the main details and risks of installing a node. All information from the technical documentation.
2.    I also translated this article into Polish for the Polish community
3.    Translated an article into Polish about the launch of tBTC
4.    Translated an article into Polish about joining IOSG Ventures
5.    I made a meme
6.    Made a picture with a design
7.    I was minting tBTC in the main network. Everything works very clearly and simply. Now my BTC can work in DEFI.
8.    I launched the node in early July, continue to support and update. I run 2 nodes Random Beacon and ECDSA 


1. Wrote a review Keep Network. Considered in the article the main advantages of the technology and product Keep Network, competitors and investors. This article will help community members understand the benefits and achievements of Keep Network                             
2. Translated the review article into Polish for the Polish community                     
3. Wrote the idea of creating a Decentralized Bitcoin ETF. More details about the article and why it is relevant                         
4. Binanсе asks on Twitter about the next listing of the project. I made a comment with a suggestion to support Keep. Actively promoted tBTC and Keep Network                                           
5. I watched a live broadcast with Matt Luongo#4163 and a representative of the Cosmos team on YouTube                              
6.Took part in the quest                                                                                              
7. Launched the node in early July, update contracts and run Random ECDSA, Beacon


1.    Translated article for the Polish community of minting tBTC
2.    Translated an article into Polish about Millennials
3.    I disseminated information and was an active participant in the forum
4.    I actively minted and exchanged tBTC
5.    Launched the node in early July, update contracts and run Random Beacon
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