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I’m Max aka The Meme Master!)   I love crypto and it loves me back. Why didn’t I find KEEP 3 months ago?  Awesome marketing and developing, great activities (PFK, quest, etc.), coolest community!   


My new submission. Thank you for picking me last time.
Much appreciated!
I have several concepts.

1) How about posting news on tBTC site with some branded graphics? Right now it’s just a plain text.
I mean something like this -
Here are some concept ideas how the graphics could look. This would also work for Twitter, Instagram, or other social media posts. I know it’s more work for the team. But I think the community can definitely help with the graphics. Me being one of the volunteers )

2) KEEP Bridge. Simple UI of the simplified minting site.
I even made a couple logos for it. 

3) Here is a concept visualization I called “Digital Minting of tBTC”.
My original idea was to show how tBTC tokens are minted. This process reminded me of melting coins in the old days. That’s why I have tBTC being that red-hot burning metal color in the end.

4) Bitcoin on Ethereum roll up stand. Download PSD: 

5) Wasn’t making memes this time. Put up just one joke. 
My nodes: 0x8422c77D63b95f75Db21A954f5fABa2d3266a828


1) 8 high quality t-shirts designs. DM for source graphics. I definitely would print something if I win in PFK again!! Will send a photo as a proof! 

2) “This tech is without boundaries!” I made a video inspired by Kris’ quote. Ain't no boundaries, ain't no limits. This is so crypto!  

3) Adding 2 more fresh memes to the other 20 I sent earlier:
4) My nodes are running for about a month now: 0x8422c77D63b95f75Db21A954f5fABa2d3266a828

1) I’m responsible for about 20 KEEP memes in Discord!  Believe it or not I have more than 40 done but I don’t want to overload the community so I just pace myself into September!!! Won’t post all the links. Just a few. 
2) To fight these endless memes I proposed a new thing in Discord - KEEP Pets! a fresh angle for KEEPers. They're chasing tails otherwise.

3) Several corporate designs: KEEP. World Headquarters
4) Some video production for KEEP.

5) Last but not least. My super reliable nodes are up and running cccccccccc
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