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Hi everyone, my names Ricardo Casilimas from Miami.

My names Ricardo C. I’ve been involved with Keep Network since before it launched, all the way since April I believe.
Ive been running keep network nodes.

I’ve been somewhat active on the discord and have helped a few people throughout the months with help on their nodes.  
I have also created multiple staking guides in spanish and a staking guide video on youtube with hundreds of views that has brought many people to the discord community.

Lastly I have been active in creating translations of important articles for Keep Network because while Spanish is one of the largest languages in the world, it seems as if we have the least amount of Spanish translations. That is also what I have done this month. I have translated three of Keep Networks most important articles from the month.
These are : All in all, I think I have made many valued contributions to the Keep Network and can’t wait to continue being an important part of the community in 2021!!

I think I had a great month, was far more active on the discord than before and was able to help a few people set up nodes and troubleshoot errors that I previously have had as well. In addition to that, I updated my spanish article for ECDSA staking with new addresses and also cleaned it up a bit. I also created a new article on Random Beacon staking in spanish because I saw there were not many.
The links to both of these, respectively, are:In addition to this, I noticed that some community members had said there was a lack of video documentation on staking random beacon or ecdsa nodes. So I decided to overcome my fear of being on camera and create a walkthrough video on staking a random beacon node and an ECDSA node. That is at this link:
And lastly, the most confusing and technical part of staking a node has always been entering the correct commands to your node on the terminal. I created a github page with the info that you need to copy paste into a terminal that I will continue to update with new addresses. This has been useful to quickly help people stake and also to link to from my youtube video as a direct companion/aid. That can be found here:

Been running my node since May I believe, keeping it updated as contract addresses and peers change, I always try to keep that number of connected peers high.
I translated Ben Longstaffs guide on how to stake a random beacon node and also converted it into staking a ECDSA node. I am in the process of translating a random beacon guide as well to accompany that one. The link for that translation is
I hope to be able to contribute significantly more to Keep Network in September!

I was running a randon beacon all of may and most of june and a ecdsa node since the crowdcast.  I translated an article on how to stake an ecdsa node from english to spanish last month and have kept it continuously updated as contract addresses and the like changes as well as helped a couple people with staking issues they have had. I continue to be extremely excited about this project and am very happy to have played a small role in its early growth right now because I think it will be huge in the near future.

I’ve been running a random beacon.
And I just translated @benlongstaff ‘s guide to staking into spanish and turned it into staking a ecdsa node instead of a random beacon. I posted that on medium at
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