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 now a mainnet staker, thanks to excellent node operation and design flair
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Whazzup people! My name is Sergey, i'm from Russia. I heard of KEEP for a long time, so i would be glad to be a part of the PFK program.

1. I run ecdsa and beacon nodes for more than a month and 24/7.
2. I updated my nodes with keep-client:v1.3.0-rc and keep-ecdsa-client:v1.2.0-rc in August.
3. I added 100 ETH more for Bonding.
4. I created a Telegram-group ( together with @cestlavie to spread the word about the tBTC incentive program among my friends and their friends.
5. I minted some tBTC and sent in the form my review about bugs I've had.
6. I created this animations for KEEP community:7. I created 7 minute video with 49 intros of KEEP logo:
8. I created coin flip code

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