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My name is Dmitry. In the crypt for over three years. Keer attracts me with his non-standard approach to using digital technologies, as well as his dedication. I am engaged in writing the translation of articles (Ukrainian, Russian), creating video content, and also making various drawings, motivators if the project needs it. I want to focus on the Ukrainian language and the article on it.

Hey. My name is Dmitry and I have been participating in PFK for 5 months.
First of all, I want to thank him @Dmytro  who introduced me to the KEEP project. 

1. I was working on a catalog in which I collected and organized translations.
I tried to make them convenient and accessible.
I managed. The catalog is complete; it includes more than 2000 translated articles in more than 47 languages.
Here is the link to the directory: I tried to use the directory on different resources.
Thanks for your support @Kris

2. Was a participant in the conference that was dedicated to the KEEP Network and TBTC. Here is the link

3. Translated the most important articles and guides of the last two months into Italian.

4. Made a modest but tasteful design for the female half of the KEEP team. I think @L i z  will appreciate

My node address ECDSA and BEACON.
I would like to thank the entire KEEP team, it was a great time with you. 

1) In October PFK, I continued to help @Kris  with translations.
I continued to follow them. During this month, I added more than 400 translations and 16 new languages to my catalog. Thus, the Keep project is currently being translated into more than 41 languages. The team can use this link at any time.

2) For more than 2 months I continue to maintain the nodes.
I always have a test ethereum and am always ready to support the  test Keep network.
This helps me prepare well for the core network. Ecdsa and Beacon.

3) I also translated 7 articles into Italian.


1. I combined and found all the translations available to me that were made and are being made for the Keep project. I made them in such a way that it was convenient to use them Keep command. Now they can be conveniently sent, added and used as needed. Below is a link to my work, and I also plan to keep adding new translations and languages to my catalog.

2. This month I installed the Random Beacon and ECDSA nodes.

3. Translated a into Ukrainian. There was a lot of technical information, so I found out a lot of interesting things. I posted them during the mini PFK but most likely they were missed, so I'm using them again. Here are my translations. First the original, then the translation:  


1). 15 to 31 August I translated a lot into Ukrainian. There was a lot of technical information, and it was not easy, but I did it. Here are my translations. First the original, then the translation.

2 )I also actively talked about the uniqueness of the Keep project on my Facebook page and I plan to do so in the future. Below are links to my posts:

3.) I also actively retweet from the official Twitter page Keep.
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I have translated many articles into my native Ukrainian language :
Translation :
The original article :
Translation :
The original article :
Translation :
The original article :
Translation :
The original article :
Original article
Original article
Translation of an interesting article into Ukrainian
Translated a short article into Ukrainian:                                    Original article :
Translation of an excellent article into Ukrainian                                                          Original article

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