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Hello everyone, I discovered the project in late 2017 I guess, but started digging and learning more about Keep just couple month ago, when  I began running nodes for different projects.

1. Building telegram bot to help monitor ECDSA node, rewards, event listening, and so on... Link to github repo:
2. Merged PR
3. Nodes.


So I wanted to create some tool... something that  people can actually use. And couple weeks ago, I come up with the idea to do a chat bot for telegram and later discord, for TBTC network participants, where you can subscribe as a node operator and receive notifications for example when courtesy call happens. Below the link to repo where you can check it.
I just wanted to share my project now, so its not quite working tool. Hope it will be finished by the end of month. For now I'm not totally sure how it will be looks like in final, but I'm actively working on it.
I began running nodes.
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