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Twitter: @Hardcorecoin

Discord username: Dmytro#5586
Twitter profile:

This PFK round for educational needs I have created a few guides which were translated by other community managers to many languages and some of them used by the KEEP team. To shed light for a KEEP staking, PFK and tBTC I have created forum thread, published announcements to appropriate telegram groups and help others learn about KEEP, tBTC and make useful contributions. For this needs I have organized a 1 hour zoom conference and created a telegram group to support others with their KEEP related questions. Another contribution - translations. All the links and details below


LP guide (I am glad that it was in announcement KEEP channel). Next guides was also translated to many languages by incredible KEEP community

Guide: How to add LP tokens to KEEP dashboard and get crazy liquidity rewards. All steps

Guide: How to mint BTC to tBTC using CoinList.

To educate more people, I have created Bitcointalk thread:


My invitation links:

Keep Discord:

Discord username: Dmytro#5586
Twitter profile:


 I have run KEEP network ant tBTC Russian twitters where I published ONLY translations from official project channel tweets and retweets. Around 400 posts translated! Check this:


I have created a Telegram chat for that people to educate in simple way about KEEP, tBTC and how to contribute a quality submission.
Here is support chat link:

We had a 1 hour Zoom conference where I tell about KEEP/tBTC and answered questions:

Also have published announcements in 2 crypto channels with thousands of active folks. Announcements have around a 2000 views a total:
Here is announcements links:

Started forum threads related KEEP (around 700 views):

I have invited my friends before, they all - previous PFK winners and contribute in various ways: @alt-fire @veronikon @Semchik @DenisKrivilev @oleg-2018

LP Uniswap + dashboard TBTC/KEEP hodlers pool:

Another LP + dashboard proof, TX HASH (KEEP/ETH)


Since july I have translated a 29 articles in Russian, Ukrainian and Bulgarian Languages This month translated articles:  U
krainian:Russian:Test Node (both) operator address (6M staked): 0x837152401d6B0918cE07BdEf84A5E99cA66B9037 I have supported Cream vote Proposal: Add TBTC as collateral Asset  My previous PFK submissions: October: September: Short August: July - August:

My contributions for October PFK:

1. Translated all tweet’s from tBTC twitter for the russian speaking community. For this needs I have created another russian twitter and will always make a recent russian translations: 

2. Moderator Application for Keep/tBTC filled and I hope that I will take a niche to help team with all passion related to tBTC

3. My Ropsten nodes (both) 6M staked. 

4. To attract attention for KEEP and tBTC from July I am running KEEP russian Twitter . 235 tweets (all) with 36K impressions translated!  

5. Run a russian telegram channel (only translations from english ann channel): 

6. Support KEEP project in my 8K followers twitter: 

tBTC minted: TX Hash: 0xbe08ace9e23d7215ad36ba5018efa28b8cd0618d53b10ff7ece8d913d7ec0add  

Prev. month I have created critical important stake and mint guides.  

My previous PFK submissions:


Short August:

July - August:

My contributions for September PFK:

It was hot like 4 summer month  I was focused on guide creation, September KEEP blog translations, social media marketing and article writings. Also made some design contributions. Help to set up testnet node to at least 4 folks and share Ropsten ETH. For this month translated 48 tweet's (details in end of list). Everyday participate in Discord KEEP discussions and support all project initiatives.

1. As Matt ask Very detailed "How-to" guide for beginners “How to purchase Nexus Mutual cover for tBTC”.
It's based on my own experience:
Purchase TH HASH: 0x75f4b98b153bcc63c5c3923d865ced7cc1a9467f9d5edc7875cefaa35ad05993 

2. Sure! I minted mainnet tBTC, here is my contract creation TX Hash: 0xbe08ace9e23d7215ad36ba5018efa28b8cd0618d53b10ff7ece8d913d7ec0add

3. My node in Piotr's September list: It's 0x05D167bF9E8d557897a04e323ba4d089C3b0eF2b He creates 6M KEEP grant for me and I moved to: 0x837152401d6B0918cE07BdEf84A5E99cA66B9037 (All have added ETH)

4. tBTC mainnet mint guide

5. Not copy-cat article: “tBTC — Bitcoin reborning!”

6. Write a Guide for testnet ECDSA (very simple):

7. To attract attention for KEEP and tBTC I am run more than 2 month KEEP russian Twitter . More than (48) tweet’s translated this month (it's all from English twitter)!

8. Russian telegram channel (only translations from english ann channel):

9. Design contribution:

10. Translated articles:
My activity for PFK 15-31 August

1. Created a video   where I compared   with few other crypto project's which offer the way how to convert  BTC into a 1:1 pegged asset. link:
2. Random Beacon node guide ( step by step guide for a beginners):
3. Random Beacon & ECDSA nodes (4 a total). Thanks @Stylebender now I finally successfully set up Random Beacon nodes for 2 Eth adresses. Also I am deploy a new ECDSA node.
Updated (09.03) all nodes contracts: Pair 1: 0x05D167bF9E8d557897a04e323ba4d089C3b0eF2b (Random Beacon & ECDSA) From august 8 run and support. Pair 2: 0x5B026e1B88EE59ce67315Fe940F4d9D56f8DE07e (Random Beacon & ECDSA) Usually added Ropsten ETH for both.
4. Created a designed a 5 tables where I compared  with WBTC, RenVM, RSK, Incognito and Liquid. This tables show tBTC benefits. Published is in Twitter and have interst from dev’s side:
5. From July 17 update and make recent translations into russian from official KEEP twitter to russia twitter (75 tweet’s):
6. Continue to support translations of official KEEP announcement telegram into russian:
7. Participated in community discussions and in a discussion “Cosmos Unchained: Bitcoin Peggy Showdown” where Matt Luongo was invited. (hope it will be counted ). Published KEEP related posts in my Twitter (@Hardcorecoin) Also this month I was glad invite to PFK my friend @oleg-2018 with his design, translation and node contributions. I have a ton of ideas to the next month so can’t wait when we will know the judge and focus.

July - August: 

1.процента-от-defi-пазара-подкрепват-стартирането-на-tbtc-16a37f8f6c10 2.прозрачност-в-keep-c7ebcd0a5cfd


Contribution: KEEP Tools
Contribution: KEEP Guides
Contribution: Community Resources