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Hi all! I'm Roman. I work as devops engineer. Also I am crypto fan for many years. I've been watching Keep for about 1.5 years.


This pfk period I continued to translate articles for my belarusian community and it was really interesting! Threshold ECDSA — Safer, more private multi-signatures
Why is Trusted Randomness So Important?
What’s in a beacon?
Cross-Chain Bridges are the Email of Blockchains
Building Bridges Between Blockchains With t-ECDSA Keeps
The Importance of Randomness: Keep’s Role in tBTC
Development, Fast and Slow
Getting to know the Keep team — Laura


I participated in crowdcast event and tbtc challenge (both minted and redeemed many times, form is completed). I improvised on tBTC and Keep logos and created some elegant videos:
I also translated awesome longread "Comparing two-way bitcoin pegs" in russian and learned from it that tBTC  is the truly best tokenized BTC - closest to the decentralized, permissionless, trust-minimized ideal embodied in bitcoin itself:
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