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Hi All, My name is Emiel. Have been following this project for a while and still enthousiastic.

My entry for Nov-Dec PfK As of September, Ropsten RandomBeacon and ECDSA node.
I’ve tried to be an active community member
•    Created and am maintaining the Ideas and suggestions overview.
•    Voted & commented on CREAM and AAVE proposals•    Will be part of & supporting next stakers call (Jan ’21)
•    Did a 10k tBTC symbol celebration run •    Translated 8 articles&docs to Dutch•    Token Dashboard user review. •    Providing liquidity in KEEP-ETH and tBTC-KEEP pools on Uniswap(filled in the form)

•    Got IcoDrops Keep info corrected, working on token description on Kraken&Coinlist.
•    Proposed the idea of providing lowest c-ratio deposits which was implemented in Keepscan Dec 8th.
•    Joined all DCL 7 meet-ups so far hosted by @dice#4405. Had a great time and got to know some new community members in a different setting.
•    Joined the Paris Blockchain Week (winner in the Meme flash challenge)
•    Created several memes •    Helping out on Discord where possible Thanks team and community! Happy holidays and see you next year!  Onward and upward!  

Here’s my entry for Octobers PFK.

Ropsten Random Beacon and ECDSA node up for about 7 weeks now.

1) Tried to stimulate liquidity by promoting tBTC pools on Sushi, tBTC-wBTC and tBTC-ETH. In general we were quite successful on these polls and I hope I helped on that! For example: 2) Proposed an improvemenet in providing TDT's to users. Always provide the lowest collaterization deposits, could support in preventing liquidations. 

3) Participated in the TBTC pass the torch event, got it from Salty and passed it on to Bonsfi. Proposed a NFT torch design for this also    4) Made a tBTC style single mint NFT to congratulate our judge on his engagement. I can transfer to an address of him if he would like this. 

5) Created memes, for example6) Joined all 3 Decentraland meet-ups so far. Lucky holder of 3 NFT’s Could help out Dice due to some technical difficulties the 3rd event.

7) Helped out people with troubleshooting set-up testnet nodes on basic things


1)  Set-up an ECDSA as well as a Random beacon node on the Ropsten tetnet. Score 87/100 atm, using the dapp of @herobrine. Waiting for my ETH to get bonded to increase to 100!
2)  Github: Provided user feedback reviews on the Keep Token dashboard and tBTC website under the username nahuus123, for example o    3) Participated and solved the PFK quest which was awesome! Great for bonding also, feel like we became BEFF’s'
4) Acquired my first piece of tBTC
5) Made quite a few Memes in August and September, for example o   
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