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Hi My name is Andrey. I am a UI/UX designer and engineer. Here to Stake keep and help the community. Before that, I was in the Keep Network Slack. Now I participate in the discord of the project. I want to help develop the community. I will help to do marketing and project design.

1) I made a widget for the desktop with monitoring the statistics of the Keep. Features: No API — you don't need any API keys Easy to use Autoupdate data every 5 minutes KEEP Monitor should be in the top left corner, you can move them where you want.

2) I made a cartoon about tBTC and DEFI

3) I made tBTC infographic

4) I made example of KEEP conference announcement

5) I made I made 2 wallpapers
6) Ecdsa and RB nodes 0xeF71fC55229a77a128C3a02985E3e4E9c2D0A519

7)helped newbies install the node and invited people to participate in the project.


1) Wrote an article «tBTC, Nomic, wBTC, Cosmos — projects with the same goal but different approaches» About cross-chain group,  marketing and about the importance of user friendly interface

2) 2 versions of infographic "How to use the tBTC dAPP"

3) Helped Liz Shinn  with ideas and concepts for redesigning the KEEP website. About what changes contribute to a better understanding of different groups of visitors

4) 2  my emoji have been added to the KEEP  and 

5) 4 graphic materials for PFK For example, large 3d Glass Trophy and PFK Matt play cards

6) 2 After Effects videos: tBTC HUD

7) infographic TBTС layers

8)  4 high quality wallpapers

9)  15 classic emojis in a KEEP knights style

10) 3 Tshirts, 1 pin

11) memes

12) 6 Images for Channel Marketing. Billboards, Powered by KEEP etc

13) gif  animation

14) I translated my article my article to Russianразный-подход-и-общие-цели-1fc9be1db7ca

15)  ecdsa and RB nodes 0xeF71fC55229a77a128C3a02985E3e4E9c2D0A519

16) I helped newbies install the node and invited people to participate in the project.


1 Ranked second in the keep quiz.

2 3d model and video of PFK winners cup. You can use this when announcing the winners of various 

3  i made PNG picture "PFK Winner CUP" for KEEP emoji

4 Also i made Wallpaper and gif for PFK

5 Create infographics video with KEEP stats

6  promo video KEEP NETWORK Discord

7 Create memes
8  fan video

9 I made 7 flags for designers

10 Create gif animation KEEP NETWORK Join our disscord

11 Helped moderators with graphic design meme campaign for when tbtc launches

12 I helped Sergio with his project KEEP storage, drew the interface design

13 I made Keep tshirt design

14 ecdsa and RB node 0xeF71fC55229a77a128C3a02985E3e4E9c2D0A519

15 Running random Beacon node

16 I helped newbies install the node and invited people to participate in the project.

17 Made 3 wallpapers and gif animation in this style 
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