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Hi guys, I'm John. I'm a software developer from Russia.

I created a beautiful and unique set of 10 stamps.
These stamps can be used for unique NFT tokens

tBTC stamps inspired me to create a 3D coin

To learn more about  tBTC coins, I held a contest on the general channel

Proof that the winners received their Keep tokens


I participate and support the project for 2 months. I invited my friend to the project. 
I spent the first month holding the Random Beacon node. The second month now I support the ECDSA node.
My node address: 0xc45af2f3cdc2f9f096a1619ff164a1e76725a004


I've been following Keep project for quite a while and now I'm supporting the project by running the random beacon node 0xc45af2f3cdc2f9f096a1619ff164a1e76725a004
Contribution: KEEP Tools
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