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Hello all ! I'm Youss, IT Business Consultant & Data Analyst. I'm from Brussels, Belgium. Like everyone here, I'm a blockchain & crypto enthusiast.

Here is my December PFK contribution overview to the community

1) I made several french translations as promised last time. You can have an overview of my work on my profile on the Keep Directory :

-Introducing tBTC: The Safe Way to Earn with Your Bitcoin

-KEEP is Now Available on Kraken

-A new rewards mechanism

-TBTC Deposits Are Now Live on Kraken

-Community Creates Resources, Tools for Staking and Earning KEEP

-TBTC is Available on CoinList

-TBTC is Now Available on CoinList

-tBTC, the Safe Way To Use Bitcoin in DeFi, Is Live on

-Keep 2020 — Year in Review

-The next phase of liquidity rewards

2) I submitted my Design feedback  regarding the usability of the dashboard:
3)  Until recently I was running my testnet nodes  on Beacon and ECDSA nodes.

Quick update regarding my PFK in October. I think it's too late to submit but I didn't do much this month anyway to be honest.
So, I just continue updating my Beacon and ECDSA nodes.
I'm particularly happy of these nodes as they lasted the whole month of October without crashing.
So I had a 100% uptime in October. Great right ?  In November, I plan to participate much more as
I'm going to have more free time for Keep and TBTC.


I made one french translation on millenials  (
I plan to do much more in October, so please, if there is a text that is particulary interesting to translate in French. Feel free to contact me 
I worked on my testnet nodes and I'm so proud because it still work 24/7.
I spent a lot of my time on testingand configuring the Beacon and ECDSA nodes again and again.
I also learnt a lot using VM instances. It was fun.
Using the
I successfuly improve my nodes from 52 % to 77%.
I still have to improve it by learning how to bond my ethereum.
Finally, for the first time, I created my very first memes  Hope you like it, it's circonstancial:
Contribution: KEEP Tools
Contribution: KEEP Guides
Contribution: Community Resources