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Howdy ya'll, been involved with crypto since late 2012.  Currently run quite a bit of nodes on various networks.

1. Maintained running and upgraded the Random Beacon 
2. Reported a bug with the tBTC dApp and Metamask:
3. Opened a feature request to reiterate the need to make Step 4 more robust:
4. Finally got the tBTC dApp to work all the way through.
5. Joined the new tBTC Discord server.
6. Added support to AAVE's proposal to include TBTC ERC-20.


1. Continued to maintain the Random Beacon 
2. Setup a landing page and autoresponder sending instructions on how to delegate to our validator, or how to participate in our Keep Network node operator pool: 
3. Polished up the back-office a bit to enable the pool.
4. Setup a simple Random Beacon Faucet app at:
5. Thought experiments on what could be built...  DeFi is an obvious and immediate use case, but in terms of practical applications, Keep's privacy becomes the most important defining feature, especially along the self-sovereign identity (SSI) framework.  Such requires smart contracts, so there's lots of possibilities (in order of no importance): proof of citizenship, proof of bank account balance, proof of income, private voting, proof of age, proof of title, essentially proof of anything that can be sold, bought, processed or repaired.
6. Wracked brain on PFK Quest but cant't get past Step 3 (BEF).

I running a random beacon node.
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