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Hi All.  I am a huge fan of KEEP! Its great to have a chance to participate in testnet and help KEEP to grow!

Hi Keepers, @Will. This is my last PFK submission.
First of all I want to thank Keep Network Team and @Matt Luongo  for great opportunity to be a part of this fantastic project.
That was an unforgettable half year journey for me, during which I learnt a lot about crypto and met new friends.
If I would not be a believer in Keep network project and have sold my pfk reward token, I could even gain some money 
But I did not sell a single token and even bought more, so that was not so smoothly for me. Well, at least I hope to stake Keep someday. 
This month as @Will  advised, I and my friend @red133514  organized a series of virtual meet ups about Keep and tBTC. We promoted the event in crypto and non crypto chats and invited our crypto friends and colleagues to join.
During meet-ups we educated the group about the value of Keep and tBTC, also told about Keep staking, LP, Keep discord etc.
I attach some screenshot from one of our online meet-ups via Zoom.
I believe there were people that joined discord based on my invite. We with @red133514 used only my invite for simplicity, but he was a person who partly prepared pesentation and held a few meet-ups by his own.
Once again, thank you all for fantastic moments and wish you all Happy New Year, all the best in 2021 and... Keep for 10$.
God bless you.

This month I was very busy so did not create additional content, will work harder next month. I still ran my nodes. and still did not sell any KEEP token, moreover - Im buying even more. Arjun I hope you and Paradigm will help Keep Network, because this is very very cool project with great ideas and goals and so far soooo underrated


1. Translations. I translated last article about Playing for Keeps into Russian Original:
2. I run Random Beacon Node and ECDSA 


1. Translations. I translated last article about Playing for Keeps into Polish Original:
2. I run Random Beacon Node and ECDSA Node
3. I wrote article about DeFi and tTBC and compared it to existing solutions in crypto. Article wa also translated into Polish! Original:


I helped Keep with my polish translations - both documentation and articles (I wrote about it in googledocs)

I run Random Beacon Node and ECDSA Node via Vultr. UPD - as my trial Vultr is over, I asked my Polish friend @red133514 to run my nodes on his server (I did all on my own, asked him to do last step - to run script on server).. ETH wallet 0xa237bb141819f616Cb6B6dB4aAd1C46C606Fef2A I also tried to mint some tBTC but was not able to do deposit for a 1.5 weeks...


I run Random Beacon Node and ECDSA Node. 
Here are my polish translations of documentation The original article :
The original article :
The original article :
The original article :
Contribution: KEEP Tools
Contribution: KEEP Guides
Contribution: Community Resources