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Hello everyone, I am a programmer and blockchain enthusiast from Georgia, I have been fond of cryptography since 2016, now I am actively involved in test networks and launch nodes of various blockchain projects, I will try to do something useful for keep

1. We developed a telegram bot to monitor available for stacking ETH and CourtesyCall alerts. Full description with implementation details:

2. An article on the similarities and differences, advantages and disadvantages between WBTC and tBTC:
article in Russian:

3. I helped many newbies from the Russian-speaking community in DM (15-20) with the launch of the nodes, talked about the prospects of the project, and solved their problems.

4. I have been using Random Beacon and ECDSA node since June with the following operator address: Random beacon: 0xAB44742be51ff1C0e6E5C1be1105462Df74EF392
ECDSA: 0x1181f6ed3dbBf18f05706bf41D0cE60c09ad16FE My ECDSA node was also marked with Piotr Dyraga # 3213 (operator with a gold star) but was not rewarded with a bonus)  @Kris 

Description: I am interested in Keep network and tBTC because I see a lot of options for using them in DeFi. Our goal is to become validators of the KEEP Network. We believe that tbtc will significantly expand the DeFi ecosystem.


1) I have created a guide on how to troubleshoot errors when launching Random Beacon and ECDSA nodes for the Russian-speaking community. It describes in detail possible errors, the reasons for their occurrence and how to solve them, and a simple guide for starting both nodes.

Links to articles:
2) I introduced my friends , including @haritowa, to the Keep Network project, talked about the project’s prospects, helped launch testnet nodes, and solved their problems. In my free time, I tried to help newcomers from the Russian-speaking telegram community in setting up nodes and will continue to do so.

3) is a telegram bot for monitoring available for bounding ETH. Our approach was to build a bot, that everyone can use without additional setup and VPS management and which will be able to reliably run for a lot of users during mainnet.This bot allows stackers to set up alerts for multiple operator addresses. Each hour it polls blockchain(hour limitation is done for reasonable resource consumption during mainnet usage)and sends telegram messages if currently available ETH is lower than the user-defined threshold. It will not spam the user with duplicate messages but will provide updates(if available ETH changes).

Our goal is a stable bot for end-users, so we would be grateful for any bugs/performance-related reports. Feel free to DM @haritowa or @Stylebender.

 Additionally, we provide a docker-compose file for anyone who wants to quickly deploy this bot with another configuration. Keep in mind that you don’t have to bootstrap anything yourself if you just want to use the bot. It is ready for mainnet, and we’ll change infura provider and contract addresses after Keep launch.

4 ) We will continue to develop the bot, so we would like to hear any feedback regarding this bot. Suggestions and feature requests are highly welcomed: we will add a warning message for any ETH address, which doesn’t have TBTC authorization, for example.

5) We also manage nodes in the testnet: Random Beacon: 0xAB44742be51ff1C0e6E5C1be1105462Df74EF392

ECDSA node: 0x1181f6ed3dbBf18f05706bf41D0cE60c09ad16FE 0xf738d068b60Ba5bf23c31f21BbFEa9372725041B

We are full of energy and ready for next challenges, so we will definitely deliver something interesting(maybe before 15 aug).  

Description: We are currently working on improving the functionality of the bot. I find Keep network and Tbtc interesting because I see a ton of options for using it in DeFi.Our goal is to become KEEP Network validators. We believe tbtc will have a significant impact on the DeFi ecosystem
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