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Hi everybody! My name is Vitaly. I first learned about KEEP in 2018

I have Beacon and ECDSA nodes, running them for more than 3 months to the date.
I've did all the updates in time and trying to monitor my nodes as often as possible.
I'm waiting for ETH Stakedrop to begin, and planning to take part in it.

I've published series of funny social video ads about our community and PFK. And added some new more this month. Please follow the links, to watch it with sound.

1. Don't trade, earn KEEP & Stake
2. Nothing can distract you from PFK
3. Matt is connecting BTC & ETH
4. Who would be the winner?
5. Judges don't like memes
6. No matter what, enjoy PFK


1. I'm running nodes for 4 weeks, since 16 July. They are always online and updated. 
2. I updated my nodes in August exactly in the day of update, which was published by Sloan.
3. I'm helping @Serge to administrate a Telegram-group (, inviting new people there and solving issues that people have when minting.
4. At the opening, I've sent free testnet BTC in this group to people who invite their friends.
5. I created funny vintage posters for KEEP community: 6. I minted few tBTC and submited my results trough the form. 
7. I sent to Piotr Dyraga logs of my node for his investigation why some testnet clients not properly participating in key generation. 
Contribution: KEEP Tools
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Contribution: Community Resources