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Hello to KEEP!  I am a huge fan of DeFi! I have followed crypto for many years, it is fascinating to see, and participate in an actual testnet.
1. Running Random Beacon Node and ECDSA
2. Succesfully mint and redeem more than 2 tBTCs during Ropsten tBTC challenge.
3. Develop keep-tBTC-minter and totally open source to community:
It's a automatic mint tBTC management tool, and record the status of mint through MySQL. In addition to supporting tBTC's deposit, resume, and redeem, it also supports BTC transfer. If anybody need ETH of ropsten testnet, or testnet BTC, you can submit an issue to get some. I will continue to maintain this tool and support tBTC mint on the mainnet. I believe this infrastructure can help more people enter the tBTC ecosystem more conveniently, especially for DeFi developers.
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