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1000 KEEP
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PIotr's Gold Star Node List (from last month!) - Additional 25k KEEP

Introduce yourself
Hello, my name is Ivan, I've been following KEEP from 2018.

1) I have been excellently running a ECDSA node for many months!
2) I have created a website, where users can easily learn, how to earn yield with their TBTC! (explain like in 5 minutes guides)
  • It includes information and guides аbout:
  • How to get TBTC
  • Uniswap LP
  • Sushiswap LP
  • farming
  • staking
  • Information about TBTC and Keep Network
Also included a link to medium blog if you want to learn more about KEEP and TBTC. I hope community will find this information useful.


Recently I ran Random Beacon nodes (for 2 month)

Now I am running a ECDSA node (I was on Piotr's gold list!) 0x684c9398df48b4eba2b974ad80dc12a9d240d9d2
Bonded over 520 ETH Also I have taken part in stakedrop and tbtc mint (tried 10000 times)

One of my august submission is an article "Building a bridge between crypto and real world with tBTC and Keep Network" and the name says for itself.
I think it is worthy reading even of you are not a PFK judge!
I have also presented there a piece of UI for keep app.

My one more submission is an article, dedicated to comparative analysis of renBTC, WBTC and tBTC!


I decided to Random Beacon nodes and ECDSA in testnet to support the project.
My ropsten addresses is Random Beacon 0x88fc99dae26ff431c52c15998454a3c9392ab836 0x29b464d5b188a05e3656dd3d45691045dd882562 ECDSA 0x684c9398df48b4eba2b974ad80dc12a9d240d9d2
Also I am taking part in stakedrop
Contribution: KEEP Tools
Contribution: KEEP Guides
Contribution: Community Resources