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For this month's PFK, I am submitting "keep benefits", which is a contract to be used as the beneficiary address when staking as a random beacon operator.
The goal is to make staking more efficient by reducing the number of transactions required to collect eth rewards. (thanks to @ssh for the idea):

Here's my June PFK entry, 2 dappnode packages for running the random beacon and ecdsa clients:


I'd like to submit a proposal for a playing-for-keeps submission. The idea is a Dappnode DNP keep-client package. Here's an example of a DNP package that i've made previously: The value added here would be to make it easy for dappnode users to participate in the keep network. Would point to the dappnode server's built-in full node and provide users with a web-ui for configuring the keep-client
Contribution: KEEP Tools
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