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I have been with KEEP since Oct 2018 - this is the date then I received my registration email from slack.


I founded the startup "KeepDefi", my post about this startup is
Learn more about startup mechanics here
For myself, I saw an opportunity, together with, to make a useful Internet service for web 3.0 where the Keep token and tBTC will be used.

I also support my ECDSA node: 0x864669030ab2e93814fbb4c32bed40f3efde6a18


The startup "KeepDefi", my post about this startup is
And here I would like to poster my project with working name KeepDefi. KeepDefi – is dApp that should replace a bank. My vision of this dApp is following: To start to work with KeepDefi user should create crypto account (can be recovered via relatives, for example) or activate own wallet using MetaMask (etc ..). On the second step user can create saving deposit with some %. Deposits are build using liquidity pools keep/weth, keep/tbtc for example:
When user have selected desired assets, the dAPP embeds all contracts interactions into one transaction (this will give the best gas price).  For user it will look like shopping cart with some goods.
Taking all together KeepDefi user will get better percentage than fiat market can offer and the best gas price for transactions.

I have been involved in testing the project for 2 months. I like decentralized finance. Banks - no, DeFi - yes.
I will do my best to support to implement the idea. Two Random Beacon nodes have been working for me for 2 months: 0xcfcf4fe6e0e5006103aab15211d9f0e8611979bb 0x864669030ab2e93814fbb4c32bed40f3efde6a18

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