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Hi I am Andrew.

Keep Themed Powerpoint Template - having searched the design channel and the media materials (I could find) I was unable to find a PowerPoint template that leveraged the KEEP branding. So I created one for your benefit, see below for attachment in PDF + PowerPoint formats. TBTC Liquidity Analysis & Options - having followed the launch this month of TBTC and the vote on Curve for the inclusion of TBTC in a tokenised Bitcoin Liquidity Pool I was motivated to document some further analysis (to determine if there were better options for TBTC liquidity incentivisation). My conclusion considers a liquidity thought experiment involving a partnership between Curve and Synthetix to provide TBTC holders with access to even greater levels of liquidity and utility. See below for attachment in PDF + PowerPoint formats.


Having previously run a Random Beacon / ECDSA, over the last couple of weeks I've focused on preparing a comparison between validating on COSMOS v KEEP Network


User Experience Suggestions for tBTC Miniting I attach a document covering my suggestions for improving the user experience for the minting of tBTC on the app. While I’m not clear if this current UI will make it into production as is or with modifications. I’ve made some suggestions to improve the user experience / user journey of this process.  My overall suggestion is that there is likely to be a lot of user feedback from new users about this user experience particularly in the context of a low BTC minting cap (currently 100).  A focus on a good user experience/journey for new users to the dapp might alleviate some of these new users frustrations and extensive requests for support.

I am running a testnet node.
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