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for We'd have given more but want to see more some security considerations before we drop a big award.. keep at it!
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Hello! My name is Ilia.  I have been into cryptocurrencies for about 5 years. I am also a Python developer. For the promotion, I wrote a notification service is designed to notify users when a specified threshold of ETH balance is reached.

There was a request from our distinguished judges to improve the security of the web application
For the web application, Nginx / ssl was configured, as well as encryption [Nginx](

In addition, a local version has been prepared, where the user does not have to worry about security! In just a few commands, the user will receive an excellent interface on his server and in just a couple of clicks he will raise the ECDSA / BEACON/ ECDSA   BEACON!  

No metamask and dashboard   Automatic:
  • Get grants 
  • Delegation
  • Authorization of all contracts
  • Bonded  

You only need to get MEW and Ropsten ETH
For install Local version:
Video guide:
Mainnet version already DONE  - need 50К for test (30 have)  

My ESDCA/Beacon Node:
  • 0xd0cc8c5e963123937c5a0c17aa9ca3f3a6b9930b 

My ESDCA/Beacon Nodes created with 1click-keep:
  • 0x8896fC6e27267dE778F20c7a99e8eB632A994D69 
  • 0x3eC2A608A59A98C8a7de92762F18846De31EFC80 
  • 0xf6a00b1ee0a0ff35c6c392e9d7302da64560bc48 


This product is more suitable for horizontal scaling (if you are already an experienced user and you need to raise a few more nodes). Therefore, I highly recommend running at least one node yourself)

All you need:   

  • to know is the ip of your server;  
  • start JSON wallet (MEW);   
  • delegating keep - >>>  Just follow the prompts (and after completing all the actions, click "rerun" in the upper right menu) 
You can enable ecdsa / beacon nodes in 1 click!   

App Secure / No-DB / Open source  App UP Keep 1 click :

Telegram Bot: You can also deploy locally (see github)

Medium: (description + instruction): Open


The commands for the application were taken from the guide: Thank you so much

Ethereum node by @Danil Ushakov  and @whataday2day:
URL = "wss://"
This web application allows you to run a KEEP node on a newly created server, without using the console and without having to go to your server!

Starting a node has never been so easy!

My ESDCA/Beacon Node: 0xd0cc8c5e963123937c5a0c17aa9ca3f3a6b9930b
My ESDCA/Beacon Nodes created with 1click-keep: 0x3eC2A608A59A98C8a7de92762F18846De31EFC80 0xf6a00b1ee0a0ff35c6c392e9d7302da64560bc48 0xf0a04b3e29d208c48924bbb9cbb83a8bfc481fdd

My Beacon and ECDSA node below at: 0xD0Cc8c5E963123937C5a0c17aa9CA3F3A6b9930b
The service is located at :
Medium link :
Python code: Twitter:
Contribution: KEEP Tools
Contribution: KEEP Guides
Contribution: Community Resources