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Round 7
@Crypto Investor#3523
10k KEEP
Round 6
@Crypto Investor#3523
2500 KEEP
Round 5
@Crypto Investor#3523
Round 4
@Crypto Investor#3523
Our runners up.
Round 3
@Crypto Investor#3523
Tokens are locked for 1 year from the date of distribution.
for the Tornado Cash work (keep going!) and Weibo contributions!
Round 2
@Crypto Investor#3523
For translations, code, and community involvement!


Hello and wish everyone happy new year. Here is my submission for PFK December!

1. I developed a Keep farming site as User can use this site as an alternative UI to check real-time APY of all kinds of tbtc/keep farming options and interact with smart contracts. Besides, one can easily harvest reward without unstaking LP tokens, which turns out to be a useful tool for many farmers
2. I have worked with Will to get my tBTC tipping bot deployed in the Gitcoin discord. Users can tip each others on zksync L2 network!
3. I have been taking my September and October KEEP PFK reward and act as a liquidity provider. My LP provider account is 0xF8b924Ac04b69775f7B0Fd56bea78c0127C14a08
4.  I have been using my prior KEEP grant to operate as a random beacon chain node runner.

PFK submission for October:

1. running mainnet random beacon chain.

2. actively participating tBTC-zkSync torch with thread

3. as inspired by tBTC-zkSync torch, i have developed a discord tipping bot using tBTC on zkSync L2 network.
Discord users no longer need to suffer from high gas fee. Instead, they can withdraw tBTC tipping balance to their own address at any time.
tBTC and zkSync are both very cool, and tBTC tipping bot is the one of earliest application on ethereum zk-rollup network.
See my open source code at


1. Running random beacon chain node + ECDSA node on 0x1277f5266dEad289eB6Ab3f97a866f5854FEb33d and 0x9e76f626211a5E3A9C64890B7A3df4eC5576d197

2. Upgrade all my bots (discord #🤖bots  + twitter]( )  to sync with mainnet launch.

3. With enthusiasm emerging from Chinese community (due to tBTC launch and upcoming stakedrop events), I have been synthesizing Chinese communities (wechat, weibo, bihu, etc) with numerous great contributors (shout out to @tian7.eth ), as well as onboarding a group of new members


1. Obviously running beacon chain node + ECDSA node is the minimum requirement. Running my ecdsa node at 0x9e76f626211a5E3A9C64890B7A3df4eC5576d197 and random beacon chain node 0x1277f5266dEad289eB6Ab3f97a866f5854FEb33d since June

2. As summoned by Matt for "A random beacon app for folks to request new entries", I've added entry request and entry generation event listeners into my tBTC_bot in #🤖bots  channel. With more time in September, I'd like to dig deeper into the random beacon chain stats   (

3. Keep rolling with my Chinese community bootstrap on Weibo, wechat etc. Big credits to @George.C  as the primary runner for our Weibo account


1. running ECDSA node at 0x9e76f626211a5E3A9C64890B7A3df4eC5576d197 and random beacon chain node 0x1277f5266dEad289eB6Ab3f97a866f5854FEb33d. Upgrade testnet node with team

2. Along with @George.C , bootstraped Keep Network Weibo account at (Chinese Twitter)

3. Forked tornado cash repo and support anonymous tBTC using with command line tool

4. Forked tornado cash relayer repo and setup a tbtc relayer at This one allows true privacy using tornado cash

5. Maintenance work on discord bot regarding Ropsten tbtc mint and burn. Upgrade with different release candidates. See #bots channel (tBTC_bot)

6. Maintenance work on twitter account [](

7. Provide !deposit command to support #🤓ropsten-tbtc-challenge  (check whether the tbtc deposit is allowed or not). Called by community members hundreds of times late July and early August

1) Node Operation I am running keep beacon chain node from 0x1277f5266dEad289eB6Ab3f97a866f5854FEb33d and esdca node from 0x9e76f626211a5E3A9C64890B7A3df4eC5576d197. Have been following iteration and upgrade in testnet at the first time

2) The first Twitter Bot I made the first community twitter bot ( which tweet mint/burn event on mainnet/testnet. In production of Ropsten testnet now.

3) The First Discord Bot #bots Extend the event listener as the first discord channel Bot!

4) open sourced bot repository in  Pull request welcome

5) Provider Balancer Keep Token Liquidity at the very beginning
Contribution: KEEP Tools
Contribution: KEEP Guides
Contribution: Community Resources