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I'm still running my node, building up a nice bunch of documentation, still have some notes and PRs I need to wrap up on some TBTC dapp contributions, annnnnnd this month I got started on something fun that I'm passionate аbout: a community wiki for  

A great wiki harnesses the energy and expertise of the community and provides a place for members to collaborate on a valuable resource for potential application developers, integrators, and investors.

But most wiki platforms are hostile to users. Contributing content is difficult and even basic administrative tasks are complex and error-prone. If anything goes wrong—a key contributor leaves, a spammer vandalizes the wiki, a server fails, or a service provider goes out of business—the shortcomings of most wiki platforms can make even basic recovery of the content nearly impossible.

So, I put something together with WikiJS, by far my favorite community content management platform   

Some highlights:

- sign in with accounts, like GitHub, that you already have
- advanced user, group, and page permissioning
- mobile friendly
- content is synced as Markdown to GitHub repo
- also accepts GitHub PRs
- integrates with all the things! Live at

I have a staging server with a bunch of content that I'm going to sync over in a couple hours, and then if you'd like to contribute, please sign up and go for it!  Let's make this an awesome resource  


I've been running an ECDSA node basically forever. old operator: 0x837827494022da61f12d078cfc7aa4483e5976d3 new operator: 0x16BBe8808AEAF7149B60a3634B7266D035FE7214 It's been happily bonding the ETH I've been staking, and that's super cool.

This month I used the TBTC dapp a ton and submitted some issues—and PRs!—to fix the problems I encountered.
I've been dropping into Discord whenever I can to follow along with the development process and help people troubleshoot TBTC issues.

fix etherscan link for redemption TXs #327
magically hex TDT ID if given in decimal #328
add reminder to connect wallet in deposit flow #326

The PRs are just little ones, but it was a good exercise for getting familiar with the workings of the TBTC dapp and tbtc.js and I'm excited to make some more contributions with that background knowledge.

I also created a TBTC Uniswap pool!  Here's some TBTC (not the newest deployment, the one before that!) in a Uniswap pool (make sure your wallet is on Ropsten network):
Ropsten TBTC trades on Uniswap:

I tried to set up a Balancer pool too, but it looks like the Ropsten deployment of Balancer is currently jacked up:
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