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on-chain analytics, Dune improvements, translations, and our favorite DeFi superuser
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Hi, I'm StateLayer. I'm an Ethereum enthusiast and really interested in tBTC and Keep because I think bringing BTC to ethereum will be a major unlock.

1) Proposal to to add a TBTC/WBTC pool Result : snapshot vote on the proposal ends with a “yes” result, next step is implementation and and another final vote
2) Proposal to sushiswap to add a TBTC/KEEP pool, in a partnership between Sushiswap and Keep
3) Running a random beacon testnet node.
4) Running a mainnet node
5) Answering newcomers’s questions + moderating the discord
6) Repping tBTC on my twitter
7) Maintaining the discord’s “KeepStatsBot”


1. Major updates to Keep-Stats bot :
- added TVL, ETHbonded, ETH available,tBTC supply, minted and many other stats
-merged bot with @chandru’s bot, to converge work together
-add .circulating command to the bot, which explains circulating supply
-added many commands like .keepcompany, and other frequent questions
-stats featured on delphi digital report on tBTC

2. :
Helping @kferret with the data-querying side of the website
-Keep-Stats bot commands, available via a webapp

3. Community mod involvement:
-Processing of ropsten-challenge entries: now at 180/250 entries processed. Should be done soon.
-Answering questions during the community staking call
-Community support for people having problems while using tBTC dAPP: example helping Eric Wall using tBTC dApp when he came into the discord
-Answering questions about Keep Network or tBTC in the discord everyday

4. Very active mainnet involvement as a signer and as minter/trader of tBTC  

5. tBTC integrations/external
-Answering in Aave governance forum to things related to tBTC
-sending some tBTC to Argent to help them integrate
-Active on twitter about tBTC  

6. Testnet node


1) Providing DM support for the folks seeing mistakes in the processing of the ropsten-tbtc challenge + a little processing/updating of the results based on DM feedback
2) Organizing the first community call where I explained in detail how stakedrop rewards work (25+ attended)
3) Article breaking down how exactly stakedrop rewards work based on the Github
4) tBTC privacy proposal article
5) Role as a community mod + answering questions every day in the Discord
6) Helping the folks in the korean Kakao Chat group (100+ members, good job @DetoxJuice!  ) by answering questions here and there
7) Running a random beacon node
8) Maintaining and doing a few updates to my NodeWatcherBot that does monitoring and custom alerts of ECDSA nodes + my KeepStatsBot providing cool Keep network stats
9) Repping tBTC on my twitter sometimes 


1) Processing the results of the tBTC challenge + providing DM support for those who saw mistakes in the rewards they got
2) Creating discord bots for ECDSA node monitoring (including collateral ratio custom alerts) + querying useful stats about the KEEP network
3) Writing documentation on various topics (stakedrop risks, testnet bitcoin ressources, etc)
4)Translating Medium articles to french
5) Running a random beacon node.
6) Active involvement in the discord (helping newcomers, role as a community mod, participating in community staking calls)
7) Continuing to run tBTC wiki with adding sections + translations
8) Raising awareness for the project on social media with memes and twitter posts
9) Co-creating a Discord bot with ssh and pantsme to showcase ease of use of random beacon for querying randomness


1) Building a wiki website for tBTC
2) Contributing to a community-run Dune Analytics dashboard
3) Making spreadsheets analysing the stakedrop and the Keep distribution
4) Writing articles and translations
5) Running a node 

So far, I have helped with translation of some content on the website/articles in french and written an article on the details of the tBTC launch for newcomers.
Contribution: KEEP Tools
Contribution: KEEP Guides
Contribution: Community Resources