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for the mobile UI, design contributions :tada:, and just plain being helpful!
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Hi, I'm Daniell Mesquita from Brazil.

ranslating, "moderating", fauceting/buying and trying to mint testnet TBTC, beta testing and openning issues and creating/complementing pull requests, making designs and exchanging to multiply my KEEP tokens till I reach 100K (I will run more than 1 node and migrate to Vult), but also complementing my portuguese translations (and some are yet to be reviewed and commited).
Pull request with translations from past months and July:

First: "Creating a dockerized (or similar) way to manage Keep nodes, or other infrastructure related contributions". KEEP Wizard recent updates fits it, as it is part of "similar way to manage Keep nodes or other infrastructure related".
Second and last: "“Built with Keep” or “Powered by Keep” badge for integrations". Did a concept for "Powered by KEEP" badges, based in the "Built on Ethereum" badges by eric.eth in


This is my GitHub profile, which I use since 2013:
Also, I'm starting to do coding pull requests, and this is my first:
My bug reports and feature request issues:Pending tasks are to finish my translation PRs and to setup my first node and the KeepBot Wizard (which I should rename to KeepWizard).


I'm participating in PFK since May, with my VPS running since then trying to setup my node and translating the whitepaper in git + 3 sites into Portuguese. My submission for June is KeepBot, a CLI wizard for automagically installing Random Beacon and ECDSA nodes, gamifying the steps for a pleasuring setup and after knowing player's Operator Address, it automagically fills it with both testnet KEEPs and Ether. The only issue of this wizard was into exporting environment variables (but writing config.toml with user answer is pretty straightforward, automatic and works). There is 10 days since I don't touch KeepBot, but from today to the very start of July it's my duty to do the firsy repay of my VPS (running since the end of May) and putting KeepBot to work, and happy it will be useful for other operators, too.

I was the 7th user to initiate a deposit and receive a TDT token, and the 4th tx in tBTC's liquidity pool and first to do arbitrage to peg its value to WBTC in UniSwap. Did some questions, answers and suggestions in Discord, and also reported the first usability issues of the deposit dapp, requiring Antonio to do its amazing work of sending me every step's url manually, and he was very helpful for me being one of the first to receive a freshly minted tBTC. Shame, I'd yet didn't setup my node, but Kris said I could enter and setup it later today. Also, I've started a pull request translating the Keep's Whitepaper to portuguese, and will also translate Keep/tBTC sites and other dapps such as the deposit receiver and the turbominter. I also consider into translating your blog posts and creating articles in DeBank about tBTCs potential and how it compares to WBTC, and how to use tbtc.js alongside web3/ethers.js. If it doesn't requires root, maybe also a experience into running a node from Android using Termux. Soon I'll setup my operator and share the address here.
Contribution: KEEP Tools
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