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Hi all, I'm introducing myself and even talking for the first time here on this server. I originally found Keep when I was looking for a way to implement an anonymous, "trustless", cross-chain crypto exchange. This was a year ago. During my research, I also looked at Enigma and even Chainlink as potential means to implementing such an exchange. What was required was a means for hosting private keys on servers without the server owners themselves having access to these keys. Because Enigma and Chainlink ended up not seeming to be useful to this ends, and because Keep wasn't out yet, I began conceptualizing my own ideas for a trustless escrow network to be the backbone for my exchange idea. However I never completed the idea. I had difficulty figuring out how to incentivize participation in such a network and prevent things such as well as other problems. Where I failed, I'm happy to see that Keep appears to have succeeded. I look forward to new "keep types" to be developed (or even me developing these keep types myself) that can help in building such a cross-chain exchange.
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