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Greetings to Everyone! My name is Nico and I am a huge fan of the KEEP Project! I'm very new to writing code, and this is also my first VPS. I have followed crypto for many years, it is fascinating to see, and participate in an actual testnet.


Please find my August PFK entry enclosed. I am Nico186#6318 and operating Random Beacon and ECDSA Node. I have been running a series of nodes using a VPS with Mac Terminal set up and launched my first node in April.  For this months entry I focused on Marketing and Social Awareness. I met with a local designer and produced a series of mens/women’s T-shirts with the slogan “KEEP IT CRYPTO” and shared logos. I then created a the Twitter account @KeepitCrypto2 and got a group of my friends together to spotlight the KEEP Community. Throughout the month we’ll be wearing our shirts, spreading the word in person and taking pictures at popular spots around my “node” town Scottsdale Arizona! The Keep community, is comprised of a diverse, multi-cultural, and international Phenomenon! With our love for the KEEP network bringing us together. I've met a lot of cool people, had some fun virtual "hang- outs" and gained and incredible aount of knowlege. It is my hope that network members, staker’s, and PFKeeper’s will be inspired by my Twitter Site and post images and stories from their own “node towns" - the places where we live and operate our nodes. I also plan donate this Twitter site to the Network once we develop a following, to help get people unfamiliar with the project excited! I hope you enjoy the shirts, images, and entry!


Please find our July PFK Team Entry enclosed: A Simple Guide to Restarting and Upgrading Your Node. GC23997#6415 is running Random Beacon and ECDSA Node and Nico186#6318 is running Random Beacon  ECDSA Node and Random Beacon Node Address. We hope you enjoy!

Greetings From Nico186 and GC23997! We are excited to announce our June entry in the Playing For Keeps Contest! We have teamed up this month to cretate the KEEP ECDSA Node and Random Beacon Warning Log Doc. This open source Doc was created as a tool for inexperienced participants to troubleshoot their nodes. Please find our ODF link enclosed. GC23997 has been operating ECDSA Node and Random Beacon  since June 9th. Nico186 has been operating Random Beacon  and ECDSA Node  since May 7th. We are both Crypto enthisiasts and are very excited to be a part of the KEEP Network Launch! We hope you enjoy our entry, and welcome any participants to make comments!


I first launched my Random Beacon on May 9th and have noticed a series of unusual connections since then.  I was running into especially odd issues with Bootstrap Connectivity and decided to do a localized connection error study; using my Keep Random Beacon. I have posted the results in a short essay below. I wanted to formulate a simple trouble shooting guide in very plain language. My methodology included operations to pause and restart my Random Beacon, reload the image files, and trying the configuration method across the Random beacon and EDCSA nodes to look for irregularity. I began by pulling the Peer Connection Log from my Terminal and isolating the connected peers unique identifiers into CSV format. I then compared the peers over time to establish which peers could not connect, and any other related issue that would have effect. IMO the current issue is simply an over extended Infurna account (as mentioned in Discord 5/23 by Antionio). In the future I hope this simple format can help to confirm or deny any similar issues with Bootstrap in the future. Nico186 Bootstrap Connectivity Troubleshooting Essay.
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