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Hello community, I'm a web-dev and a full-time crypto enthusiast. I have been keeping track of Keep since spring 2018 and witnessed its long path to the Mainnet. I support Keep because I see a tremendous potential of TBTC and a bright future of random beacon. 

This month, I submitted the issue related to the design on dashboard:
Also, I compared the stakedrop of Keep with the lockdrop of Plasm:
Check out my Medium-post for more stories about TBTC vs WBTC/RENBTC/SBTC and Interlay.
The nodes.

This is my second submission for the Playing for Keeps. This time I have been focusing on comparison of tBTC and its competitors: 
tBTC and wBTC (Eng)
tBTC and wBTC (Ru) 
tBTC and RenBTC (Eng)
tBTC and RenBTC (Ru) 
tBTC and Interlay (Eng)
tBTC and Interlay (Ru) 
tBTC and Major Stablecoins (Eng)
tBTC and Major Stablecoins (Ru) 
Additionally, articles include a few info-tables of comparison.
Also, I'm running Random Beacon Node
And, finally, I wrote a view of how the tBTC's model can change the World in my medium post:

Attempting to be useful, I translated some parts of the tbtc's website and a medium article. Also, reported minor bugs, and running 2 nodes.
Contribution: KEEP Tools
Contribution: KEEP Guides
Contribution: Community Resources